Woman Gang-Raped in Running Train; Compelled to be naked; Mumbai

In a terrible episode that adds to India’s rape culture, eight persons have been accused of gang-raping a 30 year old woman on board a train from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, to Mumbai, Maharashtra, police recently reported. They stated that four of the accused have been apprehended, while the remainder is still being sought.

Officials reported that on Friday night, eight persons armed with blades entered the Lucknow-Mumbai Pushpak Express sleeper coach in Maharashtra’s Igatpuri town, around 120 kilometers from the state capital, and began looting the passengers onboard.

They then allegedly raped a female passenger and injured five to six individuals who attempted to confront them with sharp weapons, according to the police. Oral sexual activity was also imposed on a woman.

When the train arrived at Mumbai’s Kasara station, passengers began shouting to raise an alarm. The Government Railway Police arrived on the scene quickly and apprehended two of the suspects.

The accused raped the woman for nearly half an hour, according to the Government Railway Police (GRP), until the train arrived at Kasara station. Two other suspects were apprehended later, while the other four accused are still being sought, they said.

The eight suspects were allegedly armed with swords and plundered more than 20 passengers. At least five of the passengers suffered minor injuries as a result of the incident. The cops also discovered 34,000 dollars in stolen property among those arrested.

Sections 395 (dacoity), 397 (robbery, or dacoity, with intent to cause murder or serious bodily harm), 376 (gang rape), 354 (assault), and 354(B) of the Indian Penal Code have been filed against the accused males by the police (assault intending to disrobe or compelling a woman to be naked).

The Government Railway Police have also opened a rape and robbery investigation. More investigation is being carried out, according to them.

 In India, rape culture is on the rise at an alarming rate, and punitive measures are always on the horizon. In India, the culprits never receive the just penalty they deserve; otherwise, it takes years and years to obtain, which is why rape is on the rise in India.

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