WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook sparked outrage around the world.

On Monday evening, several users reported that WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook were unavailable in several parts of the world, including India.

All of these services appeared to be down for a big number of users around the world, which was a major uproar.

Users flocked to Twitter about 9 p.m. IST to report that the popular social networking and communication sites were unavailable.

On the Down Detector website, which tracks websites and web services, there were over 20,000 reports of users having trouble with Facebook and Instagram.

“We’re aware that certain of our apps and products aren’t working properly for some people. In a tweet, Andy Stone, a Facebook communications officer, stated, “We’re working to bring things back to normal as soon as possible, and we apologies for any inconvenience.”

The official Twitter page for WhatsApp shared that they are aware of the ongoing occurrences and working to bring things back to normal.

Meanwhile, the users took to Twitter where they shared chucklesome posts. Here’s a few

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