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“We are all going to die,” Sultanpur BMW crash victims ‘predicted’ in a Facebook live video

A video that was captured just before the horrific collision on Friday that claimed the lives of all four BMW drivers and passengers in Sultanpur on the Purvanchal Expressway has surfaced on social media.
Moments before their BMW struck a container truck on the Purvanchal Expressway in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, on Friday, one of them is heard saying in the footage during a Facebook live broadcast that “all four of us will die.”

Anand Prakash, Akhilesh Singh, Deepak Kumar and Bhola Kushwaha all died at the scene.

BMW is owned by Dr Anand Prakash, 35, a private medical college professor in Rohtas, Bihar.

Prior to the fatal accident, the four men were driving recklessly and cruising at dangerous speeds in Dr. Prakash’s BMW. The BMW can also be seen cruising over 200kmph on the expressway in another video that surfaced online following the accident.

Ravish Kumar Gupta, the district magistrate for Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh, said in a statement to media that “a high-speed BMW automobile collided with a container travelling from the opposite direction at Purvanchal Expressway on Friday afternoon. The collision that killed four persons. Residents of Uttarakhand have been recognized as the deceased.

He added that police officers and representatives from the Uttar Pradesh Expressways Industrial Development Authority (UPEIDA) immediately arrived on the scene to conduct relief and rescue operations.

The four men were keen to broadcast their accomplishment on Facebook live when the automobile reached a top speed of 230 kmph.
The driver can be heard being encouraged to accelerate in the video by the person seated next to him who was also participating in the Facebook live. In less than a minute, the BMW accelerates from just over 100 kmph, where it was when the film began, to 230 kmph.

A top official claimed that the accident’s severity was so extreme that all four occupants and the car’s engine were thrown a great distance. About 20–30 meters distant, the head and hands of one of the inmates were discovered. The opulent vehicle is completely wrecked when viewed.

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