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Watch: Trending video of a child cycling around the country’s president while he’s giving a speech

Surprisingly, “Superman” made an appearance during President Gabriel Boric of Chile’s speech. The person riding his bike around Mr. Boric in the video wasn’t actually the Man of Steel; rather, it was a little youngster donning a superman costume. According to the local media outlet 24 Horas, the President was speaking after casting his ballot in the constitutional plebiscite, but the youngster caught everyone’s attention. Social media users are sharing the child’s pranks video like crazy.

Superman surrounds Gabriel Boric after he casts his ballot in today’s plebiscite, according to a Twitter post by David Adler.
Quickly going viral on social media, the cute video left viewers in splits and has received over 1.33 lakh views on Twitter.

As seen in the video, the President was speaking passionately while the little child, wearing a red cap and a blue superhero onesie, rode a blue balance bike around him.
He stops after a few laps to listen to the President but immediately resumes riding his bike, totally unaware of what had just happened. The handle of the bike was where his blue helmet was hanging.

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