Watch : Lady Police Officer in Chennai carries unconscious man on her shoulders .

A video of a woman police inspector in Chennai, carrying an unconscious man on her shoulders as heavy rain lashed the city is being widely shared online. The cop is being lauded for her timely act.Rajeshwari, inspector at Chennai’s TP Chatram police station, is seen lifting an unconscious man from the footpath strewn with rubble .

Without a second thought, she carries him on her shoulders.After figuring out that she can’t take the man in a white four-wheeler, the feisty cop rushes to an autorickshaw, with the man on her shoulders. She places him on the backseat with the help of a few men. The cop, barefoot and with her pants folded up, instructs the autorickshaw to be rushed to the hospital. “Run, run,” she says in Tamil.

“I gave first aid after which I carried him. An auto came there, we sent him to hospital. I visited the hospital, his mother was there. I assured them to not worry and that the police department will support them. The doctor said that treatment is on and that there’s nothing to worry,” she told news agency ANI.

People who saw Rajeshwari’s brave act and the whole social media are praising her for saving the man’s life .

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