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Watch: Father cries after tutoring son daily for a year and he scores 6/100 on math exams

Some people have a hard time with math. There is no escaping math nightmares for many, even after they grow up. While this subject may cause tremors in those who were never able to truly comprehend it, it’s still twisted, and it may be easy for some.

 After tutoring and guiding his son for a year, a Chinese father hoped his son would pass exams with flying colors.  He was disappointed to learn that his son had failed the math exam.

A video of a father sobbing furiously went viral in China, made much more so by the reasons. He spent a year tutoring the son, who finished his final arithmetic exam with a score of 6/100. The father sobs in a video that Qilu Evening News posted on Weibo after finding that their son received only six points on his last math test.

The father reportedly exclaimed, “I don’t care anymore, my efforts are useless, let him struggle alone!”

Weibo users who saw the video sympathised with the father’s parenting difficulties. Some said that the child’s performance was due to the father’s insufficient math training, but others disagreed. Some viewers speculated that the father’s late-night tutoring may have affected the son’s ability to pay attention in class.

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