Vigorous and relentless effort by our force:

The Indian force not only saves the nation by keeping a vigilant eye on the enemy but it never hesitates to arm forward in saving its forest and wildlife.  They put in tremendous efforts to save mother nature in every possible way.

According to a tweet shared by the Kamlang Tiger Reserve @Kamlang Tiger an official Twitter handle of Kamlang Tiger Reserve a video has been posted where we can see the relentless efforts taken by our force in saving the wildlife and forest, we can see how the force accepted the challenge by crawling through a steep and narrow edge of a hilltop. This shows that our force can give up their lives not only for their motherland but for their mother nature as well. A salute to them.

As tweeted, ‘Smiles amid challenges! That’s the dedication with which our force relentlessly works to save our forests and wildlife. Kudos to our wonderful team!’

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