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Video: Jodhpur man arrested for mercilessly beating his elderly father in the street

On social media, a disturbing video showing a man ruthlessly striking his elderly father with a stick is trending. The incident happened on the streets of Rajasthan’s Jodhpur city.

In a CCTV clip released by the news agency ANI, the father and son are seen arguing over something when the son, who is wearing a white t-shirt, suddenly takes up a stick laying on the ground and begins savagely bashing his elderly father with it. Then, exasperated, he discards the stick. Additionally, it appears that several neighbours who are not shown on camera attempt to confront him from a distance. He rejects them though and resumes hitting his father. He then begins slapping and striking his father as the argument goes on.

A day prior to the event, the man misbehaved with his father, the police source said. The accused was detained in accordance with CrPC (Code Of Criminal Procedure) 151, which permits a police officer to detain someone before they commit a crime in order to stop them from committing that crime.

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