Udaipur: Ghaus Mohammed Murderer of Kanhaiya Lal Has Pakistan Links

In the most recent development, the investigation agencies have discovered that Ghaus Mohammed, one of the suspects in the murder of Kanhaiya Lal, went to Pakistan for terrorist training and had been staying in India as a sleeper cell. According to the report, he communicated with a handler who was based in Pakistan using various phone numbers.

“Pakistan-based organisations are now playing a bigger part. All of his phone numbers’ call detail records will be examined. We’ll check every single one of his social media accounts. The role of other parties, if any, will also be determined, “as cited by IANS.

After the killers shared a video on social media purporting to teach the victim a lesson for making a social media post, tension in the Lake City was raised following a grisly murder that was committed in broad daylight on Tuesday and was reported from a busy street in Udaipur.

According to the authorities, the victim—a tailor by trade—was struck with a sharp object. A Taliban-style murder has been described in the viral video of the incident that has gone popular on social media.

Both of the accused, Ghaus Mohammad and Riyaz Jabbar, were detained by police on Tuesday in Rajsamand. In addition to them, the police also managed to apprehend three more.

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