Tolo News reporter was beaten up by Taliban in Kabul; French will no longer be able to evacuate

France will no longer be able to evacuate people from Afghanistan from Friday evening onwards, the announcement was made by French Prime Minister Jean Castex on Thursday.

Pressure to complete the evacuations of thousands of foreigners and Afghans who helped Western countries during the 20-year war against the Taliban has intensified, with all US and allied troops due to leave the airport by Aug. 31.

Thousands have been trying to flee after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, many through Kabul’s international airport. That triggered a massive airlift of those trying to escape.

Castex told French radio RTL on Thursday “from tomorrow evening onwards, we are not able to evacuate people from the Kabul airport” due to the Aug 31 American withdrawal.

Meanwhile, Afghan news agency Tolo News reported that one of its journalists Ziar Khan Yaad was beaten up by the Taliban in Kabul. Ziar Khan Yaad said that his camera and mobile phone were hijacked while he was working on a news report in Kabul city. Tolo News reported that the incident has been brought to the attention of the Taliban, who said they are making a “serious” investigation into the incident.

However, the news of Tolo News reporter Ziar Yaad being killed by the Taliban that surfaced on social media and carried by some news agencies is not true.

“I was beaten by the Taliban in Kabul’s New City while reporting. Cameras, technical equipment, and my mobile phone have also been hijacked. Some people have spread the news of my death which is false. The Taliban got out of an armored Land Cruiser and hit me at gunpoint,” Yaad stated.

The incidents of violence in Afghanistan have become frequent since the Taliban declared that it has captured the capital city of Kabul on August 15. Although the terror outfit has promised to secure the rights of women and children, disturbing visuals have surfaced where Taliban fighters are seen beating women and children.


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