The Longest search & rescue operation in recent History: The body of Captain Jayant Joshi recovered

The lifeless remains of Captain Jayant Joshi, co-pilot of an Army helicopter, were recovered from Ranjit Sagar Reservoir on October 17, 2021, after a 75-day (almost two-month) and 15-day search and rescue operation by the Indian Armed Forces (Sunday) around 02:00 p.m.

Earlier on August 15, the body of senior pilot Lt. Col AS Bath was also recovered from the lake bed.

The Army aviation Squadrons Rudra Helicopter had taken off from Mamun Military Station, Pathankot; crashed & sinked into the hills near Ranjit Sagar Dam on August 3.

Due to the dept & vast expenses of the dam, the search & rescue team was deployed & all kinds of high tech equipment, remotely operating vehicles having robotic arms along with professional drivers were deployed to recover the body.

Experts and equipment from the Army, Navy, Air Force, SDRF, and NDRF were also employed. The search and rescue operation included the Dam Authority, private firms, and the J&K Police.

The body was discovered at a depth of 60-70 metres and was later removed to safety.

Medical examinations will be conducted at the Pathankot Military Station.

It was the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty made by the young co-pilot captain Jayant Joshi.

It should be highlighted that the Indian Armed Forces displayed a strong commitment to their soldiers by taking all necessary steps to collect the body.

“During this hour of loss, the Indian Army stands shoulder to shoulder with the family of Captain Jayant Joshi,” the statement added.

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