Teachers in Chhattisgarh village walk 8 km daily for mid-day meal ration .

Teachers in a village in Chhattisgarh’s Balrampur district walk 8 km braving different terrains every day carrying ration to a government school to ensure that students get mid-day meals regularly.

The teachers have urged the state government to build a road connecting the village to the school which is situated in the mountains.

While speaking to ANI, a teacher, Sushil Yadav, said, “There are many difficulties. The roads are very bumpy, especially on rainy days. We have to cross different terrains. There is also a threat from wild animals. But we want to ensure that village school students get mid-day meals every day. We request the government to build a road to the village.”

Lakhan, a resident, said, “Two teachers are posted here in Khadia Damar Gram Panchayat government school. The teachers come here on foot. I salute the dedication of these teachers.”

B Ekka, Balrampur district, Education Officer, said, “I have taken cognizance of this. Our two teachers Sushil Yadav and Pankaj are posted there. They carry the mid-day meal ration from the PDS shop and take it to the village school which is situated in the mountains. I salute them for this work.”

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