TCS Makes Big Announcement For Employees, Says They Will Spend Only 25% Of Time In Office By 2025 .

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has asked its employees to return to offices in preparation for the IT major’s ’25/25′ model, which is expected to be implemented by 2025.

“Under the new model, by 2025, no more than 25 per cent of our employees will need to work from the office at any given point, and will not need to spend more than 25 per cent of their time in office,” a TCS spokesperson said on Tuesday.

“At present, we have about 5 per cent of our associates working from offices. Towards the end of CY’21 (calendar year 2021), we will encourage our associates to return to offices, at least initially, before we switch to the 25/25 model,” the company said. The transition “will be done in a phased and flexible manner,” the spokesperson added.

Earlier, TCS had asked its workers to get back to their deputed location (their base branch) by November 15. The decision was taken amid a sharp decline in Covid-19 cases across the globe .

Giving further detail, the TCS said the hybrid models of work are here to stay and in the new ‘Future Of Work’, both the physical office and remote working will play an integral part.

Moreover, the company said that it has launched one of the biggest corporate vaccination drives in the country for its associates and dependents.

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