Taliban form ties with Al Qaida to fight NRF in Panjshir; blocked humanitarian access

It has been reported that consistent and aggressive fighting between Taliban fighters and resistance is proceeding uninterruptedly.  Taliban blocks all roads leading to Panjshir. “The fighting has gotten worse and worse with each night,” Asadullah, 52, told Al Jazeera. He and other residents of Jab al-Seraj district of Parwan say the fighting is mainly relegated to the mountains, but that most residents have still fled the area.

It has also been reported that the Taliban inflict heavy losses in Panjshir, Northern Alliance claims of killing over hundreds of  Taliban fighters.

However, the Taliban which incurred heavy causalities during a standoff with the Afghan resistance force has joined hands with the Islamic extremist Al-Qaeda to attack the Panjshir province, TASS reported citing a representative of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan. “al-Qaida militant units are joining the Taliban in attacking Panjshir,” Al Arabiya TV channel reported citing the representative.

Meanwhile, Amrullah Saleh, who was vice-president in the Ashraf Ghani government, has said that the Taliban have blocked access to aid in Panjshir.

“Talibs have blocked humanitarian access to Panjshir, do a racial profile of travelers, use military-age men of Panjhsir as mine clearance tools walking them on minefields, have shut phone, electricity & not allow medicine either. People can only carry a small amount of cash,” he said in a tweet.

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