Stop “Mauka-Mauka” Add says Indian Cricket Fan after Pakistan’s Victory Over India; T20 World Cup

Pakistan’s impressive 10-wicket victory over India on Sunday ended their T20 World Cup drought against India.

Disappointed Indian cricket supporters could not accept their country’s defeat to Pakistan.

Matches between India and Pakistan have proven to be a platform for both sides to vent their emotions.

It appears to be more than a game; it appears to be a fight.

On Sunday, supporters appeared to agree that the game’s outcome is cause enough to end the “Mauka Mauka” advertisements, which have become a fixture ahead of India-Pakistan matches. The adverts, produced by Star Sports, the official broadcaster of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, focus on the pre-match banter between the arch-rivals.

               Given India’s undefeated record until Sunday, the commercials implied that India would continue to deny Pakistani cricket fans a mauka (opportunity) to rejoice. However, many supporters believe that the match on Sunday has changed the status quo and that the “Mauka Mauka” advertisements are no longer relevant.

As a result, social media users swarmed the Internet, requesting that the advertising be removed.

Angry fans flooded social media with tweets

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