Jaipur Pink Panthers defeat Gujarat Giants in the Pro Kabaddi League by winning three straight games

At the Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium in Bengaluru on Saturday, the Jaipur Pink Panthers defeated Gujarat Giants 25-18 thanks to a composed and cohesive performance.

The Panthers have now won three straight games this season. Rahul Chaudhari and Arjun Deshwal, two raiders, each scored nine points while receiving outstanding support from their defence unit.

In the sixth minute, Jaipur edged ahead, 6-3, thanks to some outstanding tackle points from the defense’s Sahul Kumar and Ankush. The Giants tackled V Ajith to try to stay in the match, but the Jaipur defence kept up their stellar play and helped their team maintain a lead. Jaipur increased their lead to 10-5 in the 12th minute thanks to a brilliant raid by Rahul Chaudhari. Giants’ Rakesh attempted to turn around his team’s situation, but he struggled to consistently break through the Jaipur defence as the Panthers held a three-point lead at 12-9 at the end of the first half.

The Panthers maintained their 13-10 lead despite the Giants’ increased zeal in the second half, tackling Gujarat’s Dong Geon Lee, who was caught shortly after. The Panthers were in a great position with a score of 17-12 in the 30th minute thanks to the addition of defender Abhishek KS. As Jaipur maintained its 22-17 lead in the closing minutes of the game, Bhavani Rajput executed a few outstanding raids. The Jaipur raiders played it safe in the final seconds and finished with a convincing victory.

(source : PTI)

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