Snake on a United flight sends passengers into panic in New Jersey

On Monday, at the conclusion of a journey from Florida’s Tampa city to New Jersey, a snake unexpectedly appeared on board. Panicked passengers alerted airport staff at Newark Liberty International Airport, who were then dispatched to capture the snake. According to The Washington Post, the “garter snake” was removed from United Flight 2038 at the gate by airport personnel in charge of wildlife operations and Port Authority Police Department police. The “garter snake” was then released back into the wild.

The plane later left Newark, and there were no injuries or effects on airport operations. 
It wasn’t the first time in history that a serpentine monster has really boarded a commercial aircraft. On an Aeromexico (AEROMEX.MX) flight to Mexico City in 2016, a big snake was discovered writhing through the cabin, while on an Australian to Papua New Guinea aircraft in 2013, passengers saw a python clinging to the exterior of the airplane wing.

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