Smallest Cow in the World; Bangladesh’s Rani Beat Indian Manikyam in Guinness Record

Rani’s achievement was recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records. Just weeks after its unfortunate death, a knee-high celebrity cow that caused a sensation in Bangladesh has been named the world’s tiniest cow.

Rani, who stands only 50.8 centimetres (20 inches) tall, became an immediate internet star, with tens of thousands of people flocking to her farm outside of Dhaka to see her.

However, tragedy came on August 19 when the beloved bovine died abruptly owing to a rapid internal build-up of gas, only days after its owners applied to Guinness World Records.

Kazi Mohammad Abu Sufian, the cow’s owner, claimed he received an email from Guinness World Records on Monday stating that Rani’s application had been accepted.

The small Bhutti world-record cow surpassed the previous holder, an Indian cow named Manikyam, who stood 61 centimetres from hoof to withers, according to a statement on the Guinness website.

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