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SCIENCE: The Process Of 609 Days Decomposition Experiment In Water Melon

Decay is an essential step in the reproductive process of fruiting plants, the decomposition of flesh frees and seeds of the fruits to grow into a new plant. Time-lapse video showing the decomposition of a watermelon.


This decomposing watermelon gives us an idea in a video from Photo Owl Time-lapse that captures the process over the course of 609 days. Inside a composter, it can take as little as five to seven days for watermelon to become unrecognizable. In a landfill, watermelon decomposition can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to years, especially if the fruit gets buried and the environment becomes anaerobic.

A lack of calcium ultimately causes rapidly developing cells in fruits to collapse on themselves, turning the blossom end of the watermelon into a black, leathery lesion. Blossom rot in watermelons is caused by a lack of calcium, but simply adding more calcium isn’t going to help the situation.

The experimental results show that the rind of the watermelon changed as it gets the period process of decomposition the light green rinds and dark green stripes faded away and turned completely into brown.

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