‘Sajid Khan asked my breast size, frequency of intercourse,’ claims Bhojpuri actress Rani Chatterjee

Rani Chatterjee, a Bhojpuri actress, has accused Sajid Khan, a director and participant on “Bigg Boss 16,” of sexual harassment. She disclosed that incident took place when the actress was invited to Sajid’s home in Juhu on the pretense of providing her a dance number in a movie.
Rani recalled the time Sajid questioned her inappropriately in a media interview, according to Sajid allegedly offered Rani a dance number called “Dhoka Dhoka” while filming for his 2013 movie “Himmatwala,” which stars Ajay Devgn.

According to the report, when she called the director about the meeting, he invited her to talk about her work at his house but asked her not to bring her manager or public relations representative because it was supposed to be a professional discussion.

He informed her that she would be wearing a short lehenga while they were talking about her work and asked her to show her legs. Rani stated that although finding the request odd, she nevertheless complied with it since she believed it to be a necessary step in the audition process.

According to sources, the jumble of inquiries turned strange when Sajid inquired about Rani’s breast size. Inquiries concerning her relationship status and frequency of sexual activities were also made. The actress also claimed that Sajid tried to touch her in an unpleasant way. She claimed that right away after the meeting, she left.

Rani feared a ban if she had brought him to light when the #MeToo movement first emerged. However, she gained confidence over time by witnessing so many women coming out. She finally made her eagerly anticipated confession.

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