Robotic surgery is considerably superior to traditional surgery, according to physicians in Bengaluru

Robotic-assisted surgery is revolutionising healthcare, according to doctors in Bengaluru, who also said it is superior to conventional surgery. It focuses on precision care, shorter hospital stays, and quicker recoveries.

The AASRA Group of Hospitals’ founder, Dr. Jagadish J. Hiremath, claimed that Bengaluru, a technologically advanced city, has adopted robotic surgery considerably sooner than other cities in the nation. “Today, robotic aid allows surgeons to perform procedures with near-perfect accuracy and precision… Surgery with robot assistance yields better outcomes. Patients experience less pain, and they can return to work and their regular routines earlier, according to the doctor.

Dr. Hiremath used a patient with polio as an example. “He had a polio limb growing up. He was employed by a school when he fell and broke his hip. He visited a hospital, but the girdle-stone arthroplasty they performed only made things worse. He visited us last month, and we had a CT scan performed. We decided to replace our entire hip with a robot. This is the first instance of a polio sufferer receiving a robotic hip replacement after a botched girdle-stone arthroplasty. He can now support himself on his own.

According to Hiremath, AASRA has carried out more than 150 robotic procedures since June.

Robotic surgery, according to Dr. Mohan Keshavamurthy of Fortis Hospitals, offers a 10 times greater magnification. “A robot has several seven-degrees-of-freedom arms. Robotic surgery uses 3D imaging… For the past five years, Fortis Bengaluru has offered robotic surgery. We’ve done nearly a thousand surgeries so far,” he stated.

Robotic surgery can be used to remove a section of a kidney that has only been impacted by cancer, according to Dr. Keshavamurthy, who also noted that robots are especially useful in male pelvic surgery since they can readily access places where human hands cannot.A major benefit of robotic surgery, according to orthopaedic physician Dr. Ravikumar Mukartihal of the SPARSH Group of Hospitals, is the shorter hospital stay. Patients only need to stay in the hospital for a short time following surgery. In the UK and the US, additional expenditures related to hospital stays and bed availability, in addition to surgery charges, are what drive up costs and place a significant financial burden on patients. According to him, the situation is much the same in India as well.According to Dr. Mukartihal, the price will decrease if robotics-specific machinery is produced in India. Every time a manufacturing facility needs to be opened, he said, policymakers must support it and awareness levels must be raised.

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