Rajasthan: Youth Beheaded for supporting ‘Nupur Sharma’s’ Remarks; CM Vows to Punish

On Tuesday, two men beheaded a youth in the Maldas Street neighbourhood of Udaipur, Rajasthan. According to reports, the deceased recently tweeted a social media message in support of BJP politician Nupur Sharma, who has been placed on administrative leave. The killers broadcast a video of the beheading and even made threats against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s life, according to information supplied by news agency ANI.

Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister, appealed to the public to keep the peace and refrain from sharing any videos linked to the incident shortly after it was made public. He also promised to guarantee harsh punishment for those responsible.

“I denounce the horrible murder of a young person in Udaipur. The criminals responsible for this incident will face harsh punishment. In a Twitter thread, Gehlot pleaded with users to keep the peace and refrain from disseminating the act’s footage.

The murder will be the subject of a thorough investigation, according to the police. Several defendants have been identified. To find the accused, police teams have been formed. The police chief in Udaipur was quoted by ANI as saying, “We will act upon the video of guys allegedly doing the atrocity.

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