Punjab Women Killed in Run Over; Cop Arrested

Two young women crossing the road in Jalandhar, Punjab, this morning stepped aside as a car rushed them at high speed. However, the automobile struck them moments later, killing one and badly injuring the other. The motorist, a police officer, was taken into custody.

The women are seen standing on the road divider, about to cross, when they appear to spot the white Maruti Brezza and respond by trying to move out of the way, according to terrifying CCTV footage from the hit-and-run.

However, the car, apparently driven by inspector Amrit Pal Singh, slams into them and disappears without stopping. Both women are flung to the ground. Around 8.30 a.m., an incident occurred on a road in the Jalandhar Cantonment region.

Navjot Kaur, who worked in a car dealership, was killed instantly. The second woman is in critical condition in the hospital.

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