Protest continues in Shillong; Over 500 knives were deposited at the gate of the state secretariat

Amid the encounter of the former HNLC leader Cheristerfield Thangkhiew and the demand by different organizations for the immediate suspension of the cops related to the encounter, several groups will come together including the FKJGP, KSU, HNYF, and HYC from the Upper Shillong and Mylliem areas under the umbrella of ‘Ka Sur Ehryngiew Ki Nong Upper Shillong-Mylliem’ and will organize a signature campaign on Monday to join in on the demand for suspension of the police officials reportedly involved in the killing of former HNLC member Cheristerfield Thangkhiew, as announced by the group.

As per reports, the campaign will be held at Lai Mer and Kynton, Nongkseh, from 10 am, and the burning of effigies will take place at 6 pm.

“We are organizing the protest exactly one month after the incident,” the spokesperson of the conglomeration of various groups, Kitboklang Nongphlang, said.

He demanded of the state government to take immediate action against the police officials to ensure a free, fair, and impartial probe into the death of Thangkhiew.

It has also been reported that protestors on Friday morning deposited over 500 knives at the gate of the state secretariat in Shillong in protest against the “unbelievable claim” that he was shot after he had tried to attack the police team with a knife.

The knives were collected during a “knife surrender rally” organized by the groups on Monday under the banner of Ka Sur Ki Nong Mawlai (The Voice of Mawlai People).

Meanwhile, Meghalaya chief minister Conrad Sangma has maintained it would be unfair to suspend the police officers before the report of the judicial probe panel set up by the government comes in.

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