Malala Yousafzai receives a shout-out from Priyanka Chopra as she unfollows Hasan Minhaj

After Hasan Minhaj posted a video mocking Malala Yousafzai about how he might not follow her back on Instagram even if she follows him, Priyanka Chopra has praised the Nobel Prize winner. He demonstrated in the video how Malala choose to stop following him right now. Hasan Minhaj posted the video to Instagram and captioned it, “Okay, it’s getting out of hand @malala!” The video, titled “Malala claps back,” seems to be a promotion for his future performance. In the video, Hasan claims, “On October 4th, I made a joke about Malala, the recipient of the Noble Peace Prize.I said that although she follows me on Instagram, I don’t do the same for her. Then, on October 5, she responded by posing the question, “Who is this man?” She deleted her Instagram account of mine rather than holding a runoff. Please follow me back, Malala. I’m sorry. But I’m not sure if I’ll follow you. That petty is me.

Priyanka used her Instagram Stories to show her support for Malala while she fought Hasan Minhaj. “Same girl, same @malala!” she wrote. I suppose he chooses petty over humorous. Hasan’s supporters appeared to side with Malala as well, and many of them expressed enthusiasm for the brand-new comedy programme that Hasan hinted at in the video. “Next Netflix special name Hasan Minhaj: Petty King,” a fan wrote. Another person remarked, “This is a Daily Show audition tape. You guys, he’s coming back.As much as I enjoy your brand of humour, this didn’t sit right with me, another follower remarked. She finds you amusing, therefore she follows you. She has been working to change the world for women’s access to education, so you should support her. Unless you both catch on and are manipulating our emotions to increase interaction. Someone else said, “Why, of all people, are you attempting to start a battle with Malala! This s**t is too funny. A further comment said, “Lol what a Petty Peter! As soon as you follow back, I hope Malala will unfollow.

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