Priest found dead in Paltan Bazar Guwahati; Suspected Murder case

According to police reports, a man believed to be a priest of a Kali temple was found dead in the Paltan Bazar area of the city on Thursday evening in yet another suspected murder case.

The body of Narayan Chakraborty was discovered in a Kalibari railway colony residential section, allegedly belonging to his acquaintance Sanjib Choudhury, who was out of town for the Chhath Puja festival.

Choudhury works for the railways and recently returned to Dhubri with his family. Choudhury had requested Chakraborty to take over the quarter while he was out on business, according to reports.

“I work for the railroads here and had taken a couple of days off to visit my birthplace for Chhath Puja. So on Wednesday, I asked my friend (Chakraborty) to remain in my section and watch after the house in the meantime,” Choudhury told reporters here.

Injury marks were seen on the deceased’s skull, according to the early investigation. Official sources, however, stated that the cause of death could only be determined after a post-mortem examination.

Joint commissioner of police (Guwahati), Partha Sarathi Mahanta, revealed that throughout the inquiry into the case so far, numerous angles had arisen.

“Every aspect of the case is being properly investigated. We can’t say much right now because the inquiry is still ongoing. “We’ll crack the case shortly,” Mahanta predicted.

Chakraborty was said to be from the Bengali town of Cooch Behar.

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