Popular crime reality show – CRIME PATROL actor Annup Sonii now certified as a Crime Scene Investigator

International Forensic Sciences (IFS) with the government of India recognized startup and Court Appointed Commission has certified an Indian actor Annup Sonii a crime reality show i.e. crime patrol host, who has successfully completed the short term course in Crime Scene Investigation from IFS Education department on 17 July 2021.
Annup Sonii, since then has been trending on social media ever since he shared a photo of his degree on instagram.
Annup Sonii said that he was proud about his decision in this recent lockdown that he spend and invest his time and energy into something more constructive and interesting things for him.

Anup Soni’s friends and fans congratulated him in the comments section of his post. Actress Pragati Mehra wrote: “Wow! That’s taking your role’ at Crime Patrol very seriously.” A fan commented: “Super! Now the real investigating officer hosting the show would be icing on the cake” while another user wrote: “Having gained this, it’s surely going to make your performance even more realistic.”

Check out Anup Soni’s degree in Crime Scene Investigation certificate course here:

Pic Courtesy: Instagram

Anup’s post has garnered several messages of congratulations from social media users.

“Very inspiring,” a user commented.

“This is amazing. Congratulations sir,” another one wrote.

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