Plans to ask for 25 crores, agreed on 18 crores in Aryan Khan case

Mr. Gosavi had planned to ask for 25 crores, agreed on 18 crores, and said 8 crore was to be paid to Sameer Wankhede, the NCB’s zonal director, who has come under fire after allegations of pay-off surfaced, according to Prabhakar Sail, a witness in the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) case who claims to be Mr. Gosavi’s bodyguard.

After NCB searched the cruise ship and detained Aryan Khan and others, Mr. Sail claims that NCB personnel, including Mr. Wankhede, requested him to sign blank papers in the early hours of October 2.

“I had no notion I was a witness until now. I only went inside the NCB office after being summoned and requested to sign papers. When I protested to signing blank paperwork, Sameer Wankhede assured me that nothing would happen unless I signed. Kiran Gosavi had also requested that I sign. How could I have argued with so many officials?”

Mr. Sail claimed that he was forced to sign at least nine blank pages and that the employee who took his signature also took a soft copy of his Aadhaar card.

Mr. Sail claims that Mr. Gosavi, a man named Sam D’Souza, and Shah Rukh Khan’s manager, Pooja Dadlani, met in a car to finalize the “deal.”

Mr. Sail claims he overheard Mr. Gosavi on the phone with D’Souza. “SRK was mentioned in passing. ‘We should ask SRK’s manager for 25 crores, settle for 18, give 8 crores to Sameer Wankhede, and divide the remainder,’ Gosavi stated “,

Mr. Sail added that on October 3, the day after the NCB raided the cruise ship, he was told to collect Rs 50 lakh from the Mahalakshmi area. Mr Gosavi and his wife departed after two men handed him a package when they arrived. “My salary was not paid by Gosavi. He gave me a check to cover my kids’ school fees, but it bounced “He expressed himself.

Mr. Gosavi was last seen by Mr. Sail on October 7. Mr. Gosavi called him on October 21 and said he would surrender soon, according to him.

In response to Mr. Gosavi’s denial of the charges, Mr. Sail stated that he has additional proof and will submit it shortly.

He stated that he is now concerned about his safety. “My life is in jeopardy. Police have visited my home eight or nine times. The first witness is me, the second is on the run, and the third is a BJP activist. No one believes in me because I am truthful. That is why I am seeking safety.”

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