Pakistan Media launched a website to monitor Imran Khan’s government crackdown on the media.

Following the arrest of two dozen journalists, a group of Pakistani editors and news directors has developed a website to monitor the government of Imran Khan’s crackdown on the media.

According to Dawn, the Pakistan Journalists Memorial website was established on the eve of the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists on November 2 at the Karachi Press Club by the Editors for Safety (EFS) in partnership with the Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF).

EFS is a group of editors and news directors from a variety of newspapers, television stations, and online news portals who focus solely on issues of violence and threats of violence against the media in Pakistan.

The project’s developer, Jahanzaib Haque (, stated that it was not his team’s first memorial.

“The first one was about the victims of the Army Public School attack, for which information was difficult to obtain over because it was extremely devastating. The following one was about the Quetta attack on lawyers, which resulted in the deaths of journalists as well. The PFF was in charge of the majority of the work, which was not easy because it required sensitivity ” Dawn quoted Haque as saying.

“I don’t normally do the writing and editing for our website, but for this one, I sat down and did everything myself. The information, the stories of each journalist who has died, is horrific, and it has an impact on you “he stated

Some journalists have also been assaulted physically. Journalist Asad Ali Toor was beaten by three masked men who forcibly entered his Islamabad flat earlier this year. They had him chained, gagged, and beaten. The attackers described themselves as being from a security agency, Toor later told media organisations. They wanted to know where he got his money from. Before leaving, they took away his phone and computer, he stated.

“At least 148 examples of attacks and violations against news outlets and media practitioners took place over the course of one year – between May 2020 and April 2021,” according to the Freedom Network study. This is up from the 91 cases of infractions reported the previous year by more than 40%.”

According to senior journalist Ghazala Fasih, the figures shared by PPF showed that 76 journalists have been murdered since 2002, Dawn reported.

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