Pak navy claims it blocked Indian submarine from entering its waters .

Pakistan’s military on Tuesday claimed that its navy blocked an Indian submarine from entering into the country’s waters last week. The incident occurred on October 16 when an Indian submarine was detected by a Pakistan Navy (PN) patrol aircraft, the military said in a statement. The navy “detected and blocked the Indian submarine on 16 Oct 21 from entering into Pakistani waters,” according to the statement.

However, Indian sources dismissed Pakistan’s claim asserting that professional navies conduct patrols in enemy territory fully submerged.

Sharing footage of the purported incident, the Pakistan Navy claimed that it was the third such incident in which an Indian submarine was prematurely detected and tracked by the Pakistan Navy’s Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

In a similar incident in March 2019, the Pakistan Navy had claimed to detect and thwart an attempted entry by an Indian submarine. It also claimed that another attempt by an Indian submarine was made in November 2016 which was tracked and pushed clear out of Pakistan’s waters.

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