Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Thursday said that Assam and Arunachal have agreed in principle to sort out their inter-border boundary issue out -of – court.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Union Minister of Development had summoned a virtual meet to discuss the various aspects of development in the region.  Prime Minister and Union Home Minister Amit Shah emphasized both the states Assam and Arunachal Pradesh to resolve the border issue outside the court.

However, Chief Minister Pema Khandu added that he had discussed the issue with the Chief Minister of Assam Shri Himanta Biswa Sharma and both the states have agreed to solve the dispute outside the court.

He stated, ” in fact, we have already started working on the ground. If everything goes well in the next few months, we may see some concrete results towards instilling peace permanently along our boundaries”.

Assam shares an 804 km long boundary with Arunachal Pradesh. There was no major violence seen earlier but over the years people residing in one state trespassing over the land of others is becoming more violent and a matter of concern which may lead to unwanted consequences in the future.

The border of the Northeastern states is deployed with Central Paramilitary forces to prevent intensification of the violence between the residents of any of the two states.

Assam and  Mizoram share a 164.6 km boundary there was a flare-up last year where several people from the states were severely injured. Later the Union Ministry of Home Affairs intervened and asked the chief secretaries of both the states to settle the dispute amicably and mutually.

Assam and Nagaland also share 434 km long boundary and there is a border dispute pending between the two states for a very long period.

Assam and Meghalaya share a 733 km boundary, the border disputes between these two states have led to major violence over the years. Last year in September Meghalaya deputy chief minister Prestone Lyndoh had said that 56 incidents of border disputes had occurred between both states since 2017.

The North Eastern Students Organisation (NESO) has also written to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah seeking the center’s intervention to find a permanent solution to these pending border disputes.

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