Noida man wrongfully detained in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, says, “Forced Me To…”

A Noida businessman who had been mistakenly imprisoned by the Abu Dhabi administration due to identity confusion arrived in India early on Sunday.
The Abu Dhabi Police detained the businessman from Noida named Praveen Kumar after mistaking him for a criminal they were looking for.

After arriving in India from Abu Dhabi, where he had been mistakenly detained by the police and eventually released, Praveen Kumar was garlanded at the airport.

After touching down in India, Praveen Kumar informed ANI that CID there at the airport had held me once, released me, and then had detained me again as I was heading out.

“In the morning, they brought me to a different place, held me there, and questioned me once again after keeping me overnight and forcing me to agree that I was someone else. I want to thank PM Modi and CM Adityanath for taking action so quickly “Praveen Kumar furthered.

Earlier, after hearing about Praveen Kumar’s detention abroad, Gautam Buddha Nagar DM SL Yathiraj told ANI that Praveen Kumar from the Habibpur neighbourhood of the district of Gautam Buddha Nagar had been detained by Abu Dhabi police at the airport, according to the information provided by the family who had filed an application to have him released. The State Department’s Home Ministry, Indian Embassy, and Ministry of External Affairs were informed.

It is important to note that the neighbourhood police also looked into this matter.

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