The celebration has always been an integral part of any sporting event, but when it comes to the Olympics, celebration hardly comes to an end. Before the pandemic outbreak in the world, the citizens of every nation used to come together to cheer and encourage their champions but the pandemic forced the people to stay back home.

But never the less the celebration by the family, friends and their country people remained as enthusiastic as earlier. Due to the covid protocols and strict restrictions, in the Tokyo Olympics, 2020 spectators are not allowed which has restricted the family, friends, and loved ones to fill the stand cheering when their champions win the medal for their respective nations.

Let us see how netizens react to the celebration made by the people after the win of their country athletes.

A video shared by Lewis Coombas@LewisCoombas, Sports editor @BBCSouthNews

 Families celebrating their loved ones winning Olympic medals is the cutest thing ever

In non-pandemic times, friends and families of Olympians would fill the stands cheering as their loved ones win medals. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there are no spectators allowed at Tokyo 2020. Instead, families stuck at home are going wild for medals around the world.

Replying to the tweet one netizen wrote, ‘The best video of the games so far- this is what it means.

Someone tweeted ‘This!!! Just incredible

Another tweeted video by ANI@ANI, Asian News International

Shows how the Family and neighbors of weightlifter Mirabai Chanu burst into celebration as they watch her win the #Silver medal for India in Women’s 49kg category.

Her family and friends were extremely excited to see their daughter win, “We are very happy today. This is a result of her hard work. India and Manipur are proud of her,” said one of her relatives.

Replying to the video tweeted citizens with pride wrote:

‘Yes we are proud of her, girls from Manipur always make us proud in Olympic’.

Some reacted, ‘Proud of our sister’.

While one replied ‘Congratulation Mirabai Chanu, we all Indians are proud of our sister. Jai Hind’.

And many more tweets congratulating the silver girl of India.

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