Minor married and raped by 400 people over a period of six months; Maharastra

The most recent sexual assault, which is a horrific episode that is nothing short of frightening and adds to India’s rape culture.

According to reports, a minor girl was impregnated after she was allegedly raped by 400 different persons in Beed, Maharastra, over the course of six months, including a cop.

Over the last six months, 400 persons in Maharashtra’s Beed district are said to have raped a 16-year-old girl. When she sought to submit a report, she allegedly was sexually exploited by a police officer. She’s been pregnant for two months.

A case was filed under the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act, and the rape and molestation provisions of the Indian Penal Code when she filed her complaint with the police this week.

According to the Superintendent of Police in Beed Raja Ramasamy announced on Sunday that three people had been arrested in the case.

The girl’s mother died about two years ago, according to the report. Her father then married her off.

Her father-in-law used to harass her, so she somehow stayed with her in-laws for more than a year before returning. She traveled to Ambejogai town a few days later, looking for work. “I have been abused by a lot of individuals,” she told the child welfare committee in a statement. I went to the Ambajogai police station multiple times to submit a complaint, but the cops did nothing. Rather, a police officer hounded me.”

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