Ukraine’s mobilisation chief under Vladimir Putin passes away, maybe by suicide

According to sources, Lt. Col. Roman Malyk, the military commissar in charge of Vladimir Putin’s military mobilisation campaign in Ukraine, was found dead in “strange” circumstances.

According to The Mirror, Lt. Col. Roman Malyk, 49, passed away at his home in a village in Russia’s Primorsky region. The report also stated that he died by hanging.

According to reports, Russian authorities have opened an inquiry into his death and have not ruled out suicide as a possibility for its origin.

Following Putin’s military call-up last month, there have been several reports of assaults on mobilisation offices across Russia, which may have contributed to Roman Malyk’s murder.

In numerous Russian cities, teams of armed enrollment officers working with the police have been coercing males to enlist, according to The Mirror.

Russia’s 2 million-strong military reserves would be partially mobilised, according to Vladimir Putin, “to preserve the homeland, its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Following the announcements, there were widespread protests taking place around the nation, and many Russians were seen fleeing to other nations, according to Reuters.

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