Mexico quake recalls past horrors as glass panes shatter and buildings crack: Video

A 7.6 magnitude earthquake that struck western Mexico on Monday resulted in at least one death. Social media was awash with pictures and videos of buildings swaying from side to side, some of which were severely damaged or had collapsed. On the streets, people could be seen hurriedly leaving their houses.

The deadly earthquake of 1985, which struck on the same day and left over 10,000 people dead, was brought back in horrific detail by the 7.6 magnitude shock. At least 350 individuals had been killed in another earthquake in 2017. According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the epicentre was close to the western shore and the boundary between Michoacan and the state of Colima, which is where Manzanillo is situated. Due to its shallow nature—only 15 km deep—tremors were felt miles away from Mexico, though.

The area with the most building collapses was Manzanillo. According to some sources, there may still be individuals trapped beneath the debris.

The populace of Mexico, one of the seismically active nations in the world, is trained in quick and frequently unexpectedly calm evacuation.

Not far from the epicentre, in Coalcoman, Michoacan, film showed buildings with their walls cracked by the force of the earthquake and their roofs torn off. The stuff was strewn across the floor of one store.

Authorities also reported damage to a number of hospitals in Michoacan, a sparsely populated state in western Mexico. The administration reported that one person was hurt at one of the hospitals by glass that fell.

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