App Horizon Worlds by Meta is losing users and not meeting expectations

The Wall Street Journal noted on Saturday that Horizon Worlds, the main Metaverse app, has had trouble attracting new users. According to the publication’s study of internal records, Meta originally set a goal of 500,000 monthly active users by year’s end before lowering it to 280,000. The research states that the number is currently less than 200,000. A free virtual reality app made by Meta is called Horizon Worlds.Since the spring, Horizon World’s user base has been rapidly decreasing. In actuality, after the first month, most users stop using the site. Less than 1% of users really do what Meta expected them to do, though. According to the WSJ survey, just 9% of planets are visited by at least 50 people, while the majority are never even considered. One internal document stated, “A world without people is a terrible world.” The fact that Quest VR headset retention rates have declined over the previous three years is another concern for Meta. Surprisingly, after six months, fewer than half of the headsets are still in use.

According to reports, the business has placed Horizons on “quality lockdown,” which prevents the app from receiving any new features. For the time being, Meta will only highlight problems and complaints.

The study is released at a time when Meta’s stock price has plummeted. Over the past year, Meta shares have decreased by more than 60%. Since September 2021, the biggest Silicon Valley corporation’s market worth has decreased by $700 billion.Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, declared he was banking on the metaverse a year ago. In reality, the business changed its name to Meta to reflect the future course the dominant social media platform is taking. The company’s investment in developing the metaverse, which is essentially a virtual world where users would interact and play, seems to be a disastrous choice so far.

The social media we use today was developed by Meta, who is well renowned for this. The tech giant is in charge of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, three of the most widely used mobile applications with billions of users each month. But over the past few years, Meta has had to contend with both severe competition from TikTok and regulatory scrutiny.

Meta revealed a $1500 Quest Pro headset for business last week. The most cutting-edge mixed-reality headset created by Meta is this one.

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