Meghalaya’s whistling village, “Kongthong” selected entry to the UNWTO “Best Tourism Villages”

The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India has selected Meghalaya’s whistling village, Kongthong for entry to the UNWTO “Best Tourism Villages” along with two other villages in the country.

The other two villages that have been selected are Pochampally of Telangana and Ladhpura Khas in Madhya Pradesh.

Kongthong, the whistling village, a special place to visit in Meghalaya for reasons other than its beautiful views and mesmerizing greenery. The local population of this place accounts for roughly 700 people who live life in harmony with nature and the utmost simplicity every time a baby is born, the mother composes a lullaby that becomes a unique identity of the child for life. Moreover, the lullaby has no words and is just is a tune, a kind of hum that only the villagers can recognize and remember.

Basically, the primary modes of sustenance of the villagers are farming and hunting in the lush green meadows and the dense tropical rainforests which surround the place from all sides. It has remained a mystery surrounding the nomenclature of the village as the village of whistles and tunes shall be revealed in due course later.

It is very interesting about the village, when a woman is pregnant in Kongthong, she thinks of a particular tune, which becomes the name of the newborn. After the birth of the child, adults around it constantly hum that tune so that it identifies with the sound. This is an age-old tradition in the village.

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