Meghalaya Govt. had ordered the closure of illegal toll gates operated by KHADC

The Meghalaya government has ordered the closure of illegal toll gates operated by the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) along the Shillong Bypass, following media reports that such gates are still operational despite various legal problems.

In response to a question on the unlawful toll gates, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma stated on Monday that the government has already written to District Councils informing them that such toll gates are illegal and that the procedure must be stopped.

A group of journalists recently discovered that the KHADC toll gates along the Shillong Bypass are still operational.

These journalists discovered up to four toll gates running on both sides of the national highway from Mawryngkneng to Thadshalai hamlet, and people were spotted standing in front of the toll gates with sticks, forcing trucks on the road to stop.

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