Meghalaya and Assam Officials Inspected Border Disputed Areas Today; Reports Soon

The regional border dispute committees for Meghalaya’s Ri Bhoi district and Assam’s Kamrup (Metro) district paid a combined visit to two clusters in Khanapara and Pilangkata today.

The Ri Bhoi committee, led by Meghalaya’s Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong, and the Kamrup (Metro) committee, led by Assam’s cabinet minister Piyush Hazarika, visited several border villages, including Barapathar, Iongkhuli, Maikhuli, and Khanapara, to hear local residents’ thoughts and suggestions.

Prestone Tynsong, the Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya, said the visit today was in compliance with the decision taken by the chief ministers of Assam and Meghalaya, and that both committees will create a complete report to be delivered to the CMs very soon.

“This is just a physical visit; no final decisions will be made here.” We’ll need to gather certain historical data, papers, and other materials, and then both sides will deliver the report to the chief ministers of Meghalaya and Assam,” Tynsong said today.

This is the committees’ first inspection, and local residents from both sides attended to stake claims on the site as well as share their ideas and comments.

“We reject the idea that villages on the other side of the road should be part of Assam. One of the locals stated, “It should be up to the people to decide whether they want to stay in Meghalaya or Assam.”

The travels to the disputed territories are part of both states’ continuous efforts to address long-standing border conflicts.

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