Mawlai People to protest today in Shillong: Warned the Government

With the end of the seven-day deadline issued by the Mawlai based organizations to the state government to suspend the police personnel involved in the encounter of the former leader of HNLC. 

Amid the end of the seven-day deadline (the voice of Mawlai people), “Ka Sur U Nong Mawlai” has decided to hold a protest on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, HYC Mawlai Circle president, Donboklang Kharlyndoh said that they will wait for a response from the government till Wednesday afternoon following which they will burn effigies of people in the government include top police officials in the Mawlai area at 4 pm.

Kharlyndoh warned saying, ” The burning of the effigies would be a symbolic protest. We are going to intensify our agitation to pressurize the government to suspend the two police officials,”

The encounter of Cherishterfield Thangkiew on August 13th provoked an unrest situation in Shillong last week, violence broke out in different parts of the city on August 15th.

“The Ka Sur Nong Mawlai” last week issued the state government a deadline of seven days to suspend the cops involved in the encounter. However, the state government responding to this last week asserted that a judicial enquiry will be conducted and action will be taken against the cops only after the report is out.

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