Union Minister of Road, Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari on Monday 12th July 2021 inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for the 16 national highway projects in Manipur. The project will cover 298 km in total length with an investment of 4,148 crores.He also asserted that projects worth Rs 5000 crores have also been sanctioned for the state.

According to the Union Minister, the projects will provide better connectivity of Manipur with the rest of the country which will enable the state to boost in the field of agriculture, industries, and socio-economic progress. Besides, the minister further said that these projects will facilitate health care and emergency service to the remotest of the areas in Manipur and help to create employment and self-employment.

He further appreciated that Manipur is progressing in a very decent way. He said that any country can progress in the three most important sectors, agriculture, industry, and the service sector.

He said that presently the GDP Growth of our country is contributed by agricultural sectors 12% to 14 %, 22% to 24% manufacturing sector and 52% to 56% service sector.

Gadkari said that he is very confident that under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri N. Biren Singh Manipur will reach heights from the socio-economic aspect. He said that there can socio-economic transformation with appropriate vision and appropriate policy if combined with great leadership.

He also added that water, power, transport, and communication are the four most important things for the development of industry, generating more employment which will lead to lesser poverty.
He also said, “Manipur is a beautiful state with immense tourism potential”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is giving the highest priority to the Northeastern region and road infrastructure will contribute to the development of Manipur, making the state socially and economically strong, asserted the Union Minister of Road, Transport, and Highway.

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