Man Shot Dead for Spitting Paan in Patna Bihar

An unusual and astonishing occurrence happened in Patna, Bihar when a person was shot dead for spitting paan in the Siwan area, according to an official.

On Sunday night at about 10 p.m., the deceased, a garment vendor, was killed down in his home in Purani Kila Pokhra neighborhood under Sarai police post.

The deceased was identified as Nawab Hashan, a Shamli native who worked as a street vendor in the Siwan area.

According to the police, Nawab was inside the residence making food and chewing paan in the morning. Nawab spits the paan outside the window, with part of it splattering on a passer-by, who then barged into the former’s room and abused him.

When Nawab raised an objection, the person shot him at close range without any hesitation. Nawab was shot in the chest and fainted on the ground, according to SP Sahu, the Sarai police station’s investigating officer.

Nawab was later rushed to a nearby hospital by his neighbors, where he was declared dead. According to the officer, a manhunt is underway to apprehend the culprit.

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