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Man gets slapped after proposing with a gummy ring at a stadium ; watch the hilarious video

A fan who had proposed was embarrassed in front of the entire stadium after the proposal went horribly wrong, which was hilarious.
A man can be seen hugging his partner on the steps of one of the stands at the Rogers Centre while a baseball game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Boston Red Sox is taking place. The man kisses the woman and exchanges a few words before getting down on one knee in front of a cameraman who is waiting to record the couple’s special moment.
As his girlfriend covers her mouth in disbelief, the man kneels down on the stairs. It quickly became awkward, though, when the man produced a gummy band from a black ring box he had taken out of his jeans pocket.

Watch the Hilarious Video

The young lady slaps her partner as stadium spectators stare in shock after she notices the sticky ring. Social media has seen a rapid spread of the incident’s video. While some individuals think the fan should have received a slap, others contend that his partner responded inappropriately to a joke.

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