“Kashmir will become another Afghanistan if Indian Army withdraws”; British Parliamentarian Bob Blackman

Bob Blackman, a Conservative Party MP who is known for adopting a harsh stance against terror groups operating around the world, warned in the House of Commons that Islamist militants will eradicate democracy in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Indian military, according to British Parliamentarian Bob Blackman, is the reason why the Jammu and Kashmir region has not yet mirrored Taliban-occupied Afghanistan. In response to a debate on the human rights situation in Kashmir in the UK House of Commons, Blackman stated that if India withdraws its troops from the region, Islamist militants would demolish democracy in Kashmir.

However, Parliamentarian Debbie Abrahams and MP Yasmin Qureshi, both of Pakistani descent, proposed the debate.

Several terrorist assaults, deaths, and forced conversions by radical Islamist terrorists to have “tainted” Kashmir, according to Blackman.

“While the Kashmir Valley is likely to be primarily Muslim (dominated), Jammu is predominantly Hindu, and Ladakh is predominantly Buddhist. And the truth is that throughout the Valley, historically persecuted religious minorities including Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, women, and children have suffered “the Member of Parliament stated.

He stated that Kashmir had not become another Afghanistan because of the Indian Army.

“Imagine what happened in Afghanistan; we’ve all seen it. If the troops were to be withdrawn, and we were to be in a position where the protections were not in place, Jammu and Kashmir’s situation would be similar to that of Afghanistan, with Islamist militants invading and destroying democracy,” the UK Parliamentarian stated.

“Only the Indian Army and the good foundation of Indian military democracy have prevented the region of Jammu and Kashmir from imitating Taliban-occupied Afghanistan,” Blackman continued, adding that “the region is legally and rightfully an integral part of the Republic of India.”

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