Joint Inspection by Govt. of Assam & Meghalaya to Resolve Border Disputes

On Monday, Meghalaya and Assam officials conducted a joint inspection to resolve long-standing border problems between the two states.

A joint inspection of border villages was held by the governments of Meghalaya and Assam today at Hahim, Aradonga, Tuthiapara, Malang Salbari, and Athiabari, following up on the commitment made at the Chief Minister level talks to resolve border concerns.

The Chief Minister of Meghalaya took to social media on Monday “Taking forward the commitment to resolve border issues, a joint inspection was conducted by the Govt. of Meghalaya and Assam” the CM stated.

The boundary between Assam and Meghalaya is 885 kilometres long. There are currently 12 points of contention along their borders.

Upper Tarabari, Gazang reserve forest, Hahim, Langpih, Borduar, Boklapara, Nongwah, Matamur, Khanapara-Pilangkata, Deshdemoreah Block I and Block II, Khanduli, and Retacherra are all part of the Assam-Meghalaya border dispute.

The Assam Re-organisation Act, 1971, was used to cut Meghalaya out of Assam, a statute that it opposed, resulting in conflicts.

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