India to Provide E-Visas to Afghan Military; Reports

After completing their courses at various military academies, the Indian government would offer Afghan military cadets training here a six-month e-visa.

Around 140 of them have applied for refuge in a variety of nations, most of which are in the west, such as Canada and Europe. Many of them also want to stay in India, and they’ve been placed in touch with organisations that help with Afghans currently residing there, according to reports.

The future of these cadets has become uncertain as the Taliban tightens its grip on Afghan territory.

 “All Afghan cadets and troops undergoing training in our institutions will be issued six-month e-visas. According to official authorities, they have the opportunity of determining how they want to proceed with their future during this time.

As the Taliban tighten their grip on Afghanistan, the future of these cadets has become dubious.

Previously, India has allowed roughly 180 cadets to complete their education in the armed forces’ military institutions here. As part of a capacity-building effort, Indian military personnel has been teaching Afghan soldiers.

Around 180 Afghan military professionals are being trained at several institutions, with the majority attending the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun, the Officers’ Training Academy (OTA) in Chennai, and the National Defence Academy (NDA) in Khadakwasla, Pune.

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