India requests Pakistan to allow the movement of trucks carrying foodgrains to Afghanistan

India requested Pakistan to allow transportation of trucks carrying wheat and other food grains to the worst affected Afghanistan via land route.

While Islamabad has not yet responded to the request, authorities in New Delhi are hoping for a swift response so that aid may be sent quickly.

The Indian government has sent Pakistan a verbal note requesting permission to transport 50,000 metric tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan.

Some countries like China, Turkey have started distributing food to Afghans in the last few weeks.

India has stated its willingness to give humanitarian relief to the people of Afghanistan multiple times, while it has advised the international community to consider the ramifications of recognizing the Taliban rule.

It is possible that the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan could worsen in the future. Three children died of famine last week, presenting an unavoidable example of how the Afghan economy, which is rapidly crumbling, has become a subject of concern for the entire world.

 UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged in a regional gathering of foreign ministers that countries must unify and act quickly to ensure a better future for Afghans.

However, logistics suggest that Indian vehicles may need to be allowed, or the wheat would have to be unloaded and reloaded into Pakistani trucks at the Wagah-Attari border’s Zero Point. One of the concerns to consider is the complicated process.

In talks with Indian diplomats in Moscow and Doha, the Taliban have signaled that they are open to receiving aid from India. Pakistan, on the other hand, continues to be a source of contention between the two countries.

In a time of such humanitarian disaster, India is eager to assist its neighboring country Afghanistan, and almost all other countries should step forward to help rescue the Afghan people’s future.

However, the subject of the hour is India’s plea to Pakistan to facilitate grain transportation to Afghanistan.

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