India and Russia join hands, warn against terror groups operating from Afghanistan…

India and Russia believe that foreign militant groups operating from Afghanistan pose a threat to Central Asia and India and agreed to deepen anti-terrorism cooperation at a meeting of their national security chiefs on Wednesday, officials said.

The Islamists who took over Kabul a few weeks ago and other parts of Afghanistan gradually.     

Panjshir was the only province left unoccupied by the Taliban which later claimed to be occupied by the same. However, the NRF denied the capture.

Meanwhile, India and Russia have decided to join hands to firewall Central Asian Republics bordering Afghanistan from spill-over of Islamic radicalisation and jihad from Taliban-ruled Kabul.

India and Russia were both deeply concerned at the developments in Afghanistan, an Indian government official said, following a meeting between Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev and National Security Adviser Ajit Doval in New Delhi.

The two sides agreed the Taliban must be held to their promises, which included respect for basic human rights, including for women, and not to allow their territory to be used by militants groups.

“There was a convergence of views on the presence of international terrorist groups in Afghanistan and threat from terrorism to Central Asia and India,” the official said.

What India fears is that the militant groups that operate from Pakistan may also use Afghan territory to mastermind attacks and says Pakistan should be held responsible because of its close links to the Taliban.

However, Russia fears turmoil in Afghanistan could spill over into Central Asia, which it regards as its southern defensive flank and as a sphere of influence from which radical Islamist threats could emanate.

Patrushev and Doval discussed the deepening of bilateral security cooperation with a focus on further cooperation on anti-terrorism, combating illegal migration and drug trafficking, Russia’s Security Council said in a statement.

In this context, Russia and India have decided to work together for engaging the Central Asian Republics with the Modi government ready to step up bilateral ties with each of these countries including Turkmenistan. India has close ties with Tajikistan with a strong element of defense and security.

External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar took to tweeter and greeted Tajikistan on its 30th Independence.

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