ICMR Dibrugrah detected the first case of the double variant in India

A nodal officer and scientist of ICMR-RMRC Dibrugarh, Dr. Biswajyoti Borkakoty informed that a female doctor from Dibrugarh was found to be infected by the Alpha variant early this year. Later after her recovery, she was infected with the Delta variant in May. It is said to be a very rare incident.

According to Dr.Borkakoty, it is the first such case reported from India, he said that only four such cases of double variant infection have so far been reported worldwide.

Dr. Borkakoty further said “This is the first case of double variant infection detected in India. The patient is a doctor from Dibrugarh who was involved in active Covid -19 duty treating infected patients. She was infected with B.1.1.7 which is called the Alpha variant or UK variant. By March she was fully vaccinated after recovering. Then again, after more than a month, she got infected again. During genome sequencing recently, we found that she was infected with the Delta variant (B.B.617.2) which is also known as the Indian variant. She had mild symptoms. She recovered quite well and did not require hospitalization”.

In January 2021, two people from Brazil were infected with two types of coronavirus.

In Portugal, a 17-year-old was diagnosed with a second variant of the Covid virus while she was still recovering from a different, pre-existing Covid infection.

Again in March 2021, a 90year old woman from Belgium lost her life after being with the Alpha and Beta variants of the Coronavirus.  

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